DEEP & DOPE Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez from Masters At Work

No one can argue that Masters at Work is the number one Soulful House production duo in history. With that in mind, here is a DEEP & DOPE mix of my favourite Kenny “Dope” Gonzales original tracks and remixes

Kenny Dope is DEEP & DOPE

I could go into details about Kenny Dope but the Wikipedia page on him will do a better job that I could ever. I like this Master at Work member because of his non-conformist beats. They’re noisy, aggressive yet remain deep and soulful in a novel way.

And let’s not forget the bass lines! I am no music producer but I will bet that they’re made with a real life bass guitar because they’re so lively.

Kenny Dope is a also a recognised and respected Hip-Hop producer. Personally, I am no fan of his non-House stuff although some of it is fair. I prefer him as a House Music master. To download the mix, please click on the image above.

Enjoy & Share the mix below :)

DEEP & DOPE Kenny Dope Playlist

“The Child” (Kenny Dope Remix) Alex Gopher
“Believe” (Kenny Dope Remix) Nathan Haines
“I Don’t Know Why (I Love You)” (Kenny Dope Remix) The Brand New Heavies + N’Dea Davenport
“Let’s Do It Again” (Kenny Dope Remix) The Brand New Heavies
“Linda” (Kenny Dope Main Remix) Martin Solveig
“Frenzy” Kenny Dope
“K-Warp” Kenny Dope
“Around The World” (Kenlou Mix) Daft Punk
“No Hook” Kenny Dope + Terry Hunter + Mass Destruction
“Get Down” (Kenny Dope Dub Remix) Todd Terry All Stars
“Holiday” (Kenny Dope Remix) Roy Ayers
“I Wanna See You Freak (Like Dis)” (Kenny Dope Instrumental Remix) Cassio Ware, Chip E, & The O.G.’s
“What a Sensation” Kenlou
“The Bounce” Kenlou
“Make Em Shake It” (Kenny Dope Remix) Wahoo
“Promised Land” (Kenny Dope + Terry Hunter Promise Dub Remix) Joe Smooth